Cyber Monday 2018


Big Deals for Cyber Monday but remember this is only for the day!

Order and ship directly to your USA address or use our BorderBuyer for your cross border order. We will handle everything from ordering, tracking, importing and delivery to your Canadian address with our service fee being as low as 1% of the purchase price (certain conditions apply). For more information, please click here. And don’t worry we have the Canada Postal strike taken care of so you can make sure that your order is delivered and not hanging out with thousands of packages in unloaded semi-trailers at Canada Post sorting outlets!

Now with the Cyber Monday Deals for 2018:


Not only keep an eye on whoever comes to your front door (motion sensor and doorbell) you can also add the same monitoring to the awesome motion spotlight for perhaps your backyard. We can also arrange for installation of the ring products and hey, we vouch for products as we use them (lol Ricky the Racoon and his buddies sometimes make a video appearance in our front or backyards)!

  • (Click for deal) – Want an alarm system that does not require rewiring your home or sucking your wallet dry with install or monthly monitoring fees then the alarm system is the one.


Works not only seamlessly with other products such as video doorbell but also works with virtually any other smart product including Alexa, Google Home, Smartdoor locks and even smart dialers. And if you don’t want to install it yourself then no problem we can have this done you and we promise not to make your wallet contents go poof!


Check out this 24 inch Toshiba smart TV that has Amazon Fire installed not to mention the deep discount only for Cyber Monday. What more info – click to watch this video.


With Amazon Spot, you can wake up to your favourite video, TV show or even picture screen show with your choice of music from anything from Amazon music to Spotify and yep we not only recommend this product but also wake up everyday with Amazon Spot!

  • (Click for deal) – Don’t know what to wear or would love for someone to recommend outfits from your exploding closet then Amazon Look is perfect.


Not only will it take awesome depth photo’s but also has the technology to catalog your outfits and not only start recomending outfits (even based on current weather) but also can let you know when your favourite brand of jeans, top, bikini and even bra or panties comes on sale. All secure of course. It is like having your own stylist in your bedroom and holy #$@!, the deal only for Cyber Monday is a whopping 75% off but only for Cyber Monday! And yep, my beautiful wife uses this incredibly smart camera/stylist to manage her wardrobe, get deals on her favourite clothing brands – only problem is our spare room went from a bedroom to her extended walk in closet!


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