AmazonBasics Steel, Security Safe Lock Box, Black – 0.5 Cubic Feet – –

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AmazonBasics Security Safe – 0.5 Cubic Feet
Keep your valuables carefully locked away with the AmazonBasics Security Safe. The compact safe offers a 0.5-cubic-foot capacity that nicely accommodates a wide range of items, including legal documents, passports, jewelry, cash, and more. Whether leaving for a long vacation or simply heading to work for the day, experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your prized and important possessions are protected.

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Size:0.5 Cubic Feet | Style:Standalone Safe

An Amazon Brand.

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0.5 Cubic Feet


Certified frustration-free

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16.5 pounds

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13.8 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches

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Standalone Safe

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4.3 out of 5 stars

8,755 ratings

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4.3 out of 5 stars

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#286 in Tools & Home Improvement (See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement)

#1 in Cabinet Safes

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Date First Available

October 11, 2018

10 reviews for AmazonBasics Steel, Security Safe Lock Box, Black – 0.5 Cubic Feet – –


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  1. M. Blachly

    Bought one for our soccer concession stand and bolted it to the wall. Just last night a robbery attempt was made and … although the safe was badly beaten with hammers and crowbars, our cash was safe and the thieves got nothing for their work! And with the key we were still able to open it even though the face-plate and electronics were completely destroyed. Buying another one now to replace it 🙂

  2. J. Stern

    BEST GUN SAFE COMBINATION !!!!I have tried to find – without success — to find a small well-constructed safe to hold at least 4 of my handguns. I ordered what was advertised on Amazon as a specific gun safe with hanging rods only to have it delivered and none of my .357, 45acp, 9mm or 40S&W fit… either the safe was not deep enough or the non-removable shelf hit the trigger guards AND no lights whatsoever to see into the pitch blackness.I opted to find my own combination (at half the cost) and opted for this 1cf safe by Amazon (with removal shelf), added a Hyskore 6 Gun Modular Pistol Rack and a OxyLED – Wardrobe Light,OxyLED Motion Sensor Closet Lights,20 LED – with very bright LEDs, USB rechargeable with magnetic tape strip and a 3 way switch for on/off/motion.It is a perfect solution all around. Plenty of room for the Hyskore rack with room for some ammo boxes and the rechargeable LED lights up the entire area and motion detector on-off really works incredibly well.Thank you Amazon !!!!

  3. Jason

    I purchased this safe on the evening of the 8th and received it on the morning of the 10th (great shipping speed!). The safe is excellent – it’s compact enough to fit on or under a desk or, for more security, it can be bolted to the wall or the floor. It feels well made and solid and will definitely stop any casual thief or keep kids away from medications or dangerous items. It’s not designed or advertised to secure highly valuable items and I wouldn’t trust it to do so – but for casual protection is is perfect.My only complaint is that they keypad buttons have an extremely loud beep when pressed and there seems to be no way to turn this off. It’s slightly annoying and loud enough to wake someone up if you are trying to open the safe while they are sleeping.***UPDATE***The keypad beep is very easy to disable. If you open the door there is a single screw on the back (inside) of the door. Remove that screw and there is a small circuit board. Mounted to the board is a black cylinder shaped object with the word “BELL” printed next to it (the beep maker). There is a small hole in the center of it – take a small screwdriver or paperclip and poke it in there and move it around until you feel the speaker fabric rip apart. No more beep and it doesn’t have any effect on any other aspect of the safe.

  4. Nickstopherly’s dad

     I read all the reviews on the safe prior to buying. Bic pen this, Bic pen that. I watched the videos. Amazon is smart, so I figured “what the hell, surely they’ve fixed the locking mechanism.” And sure enough, no matter how hard I try in the locking mechanism (where the key goes), the Bic pen does NOT open this safe. I’m sure a grinder would open the safe, but that’s not the point. Check the Bic pen video.I previously had a Winchester two gun safe to keep my kids away from guns. That started acting funny after more than 10 years, so I was in the market for a new safe.I chose the 1 cubic foot, and it’s huge. I can fit dozens of boxes of ammo and now have an excuse to buy more things since I have room for them. I bolted it to the floor, so any thief couldn’t just carry it away.I love it. Cost $62, which is dirt cheap compared to similar models. But the quality is several times better than I expected.

  5. Andrew

    The .7 cubic foot safe CANNOT BE OPENED WITH A BIC PEN AS MENTIONED IN OTHER COMMENTS AS OF 1/6/2018. There were other comments mentioning and picturing opening this safe with a pen, either the .7 cuft safe has a different key lock or it was updated, a pen will not go in there (see pics)I have two 9mm, 2 magazines, a couple boxes of ammo, some important paperwork and some other misc stuff in mine and I can still put more in. This safe is fire proof (as seen in another review by a different customer post-catastrophic fire) however it is not flood proof (I don’t have to worry about that because I live in Michigan.Would recommend 100%One feature i would like to see is the ability to silence the key pad tone as it is a little loud

  6. JV

    Great little safe! Not fireproof but for what I needed it for it’s perfect.Update. I lost my house this past week to a fire. It was a total loss. Somehow this safe made it with 4 handguns in it as well as ammo and various paperwork. It still managed to open USING KEYPAD when the firefighters brought it out!!!! I can’t recommend this safe enough now.

  7. michael White

    Great safe. Opens pretty fast and seems very sturdy for the price. I use it as a gun safe and it holds a surprising amount of stuff.

  8. Kinza & Ahmed

    There are plenty of reviews here that cover how much this safe can hold and its basic security, but the main thing I want to detail is how to disable the keypad beeping noise (which is obnoxiously loud):1. Open the safe.2. Remove the batteries.3. On the inside of the door, look for two screws.4. Unscrew them.5. You’ll see a circuit board. Look for a small, black plastic cylinder mounted on the board labelled with the word “Bell”. That’s the speaker.6. Hold the circuit board steady with one hand and use a pair of pliers to break that black plastic cylinder off. It’ll come off eventually. Just be careful not to break the circuit board in the process.Put the batteries and screws back in, and you should be good to go!

  9. Frank

    A very good basic safe. I have no complaints. For my needs I probably could have used the slightly smaller version. One tip, I put a motion sensing battery operated LED closet light in the safe. The small round light came with magnets that stick to the inside top of the safe. Open the door and the light comes on….. This makes it very easy to see and find documents in the safe. Shut the door and the light goes out!

  10. Amazon Customer

    Go ahead and buy it. I researched and compared many different similar safes and options. I settled on this because of my past positive experience with Amazon and the unbeatable price point. I received and installed this yesterday, and I must say I am quite pleased. I needed something that would give me quick access when needed, yet keep unauthorized fingers off of my home defense handgun. This safe is bigger than I thought it was. It will hold more than one handgun along with ammo and other things. I have it bolted inside of a large solid wood wardrobe. While not completely impervious, it would take some time and considerable effort for a burgular to compromise it. Such is the case for pretty much any safe. You may shop around all you want. You will not find anything even closely comparable for this price. This is so cheap that I might buy a few more to put in other locations around the house. Visitors and kids don’t stand a chance. I went to Home Depot and bought some heavy duty bolts, drilled holes in the solid wood wardrobe backing and fixed shelf, and securely bolted it down. It is basically part of the wardrobe now. They way I have it setup, a burgular would first have to destroy the wardrobe, and then try to compromise the safe. As with nearly all of my well researched purchases, this is a good one. If you are in the market for something similar, go ahead and pull the trigger. Buy it. You won’t be disappointed. The keypad is not lighted, so you will want to keep a small flashlight close buy in case you need to access it in the dark. The keypad beeps when you press a button. I don’t know yet if then can be disabled. Therefore, a potential burgular may hear you pressing buttons. It may be the last thing they hear though, because this safe can be accessed very quickly.

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